“My academic goal are to transfer and study business at a state school.  My career goals are to use my knowledge of business and finance and by combining it with my passions for anthropology, create an opportunity for the social good or our country.  I want to ensure that people can understand each other and find ways we can all work together creating a society of peace and promise for the generations to come. With lack of financial support due to the government shut down of my disability compensation and only a partial GI bill as my only source of income, I have faced tremendous hardships I usually don’t share with anyone. Fighting the PTSD, and being years older than my classmates, has made this transition very difficult.  The scholarships will relieve my anxiety and stress level in order to concentrate on my studies and not my finances.”
~ Daniel, Business Major


Donate to the Scholarship Fund at  foundation.fhda.edu/how-to-give/

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 “Leaving the United States Marine Corps was not an easy decision, but I felt I had more to accomplish. After a year at Foothill, I have changed my major four times and finally found something that suits me: mechanical Engineering. Today I work to keep my body, mind and soul in balance. I maintain a 3.96 after three quarters and twelve classes.  I have yet to receive anything lower than an A-. I’ve set the bar high and hope to transfer to University of CA Berkeley. With the right mind and support, I know I will.”
~ Nicolas, Mechanical Engineering Major

“Last year I was unemployed and at a very low point…without going into the details…let’s just say I was scrambling to find a way to move forward and get unstuck.  I got through to the Admissions office and found out that there is a VA grant to study full-time for a year! I did apply for it and qualified and have been a full-time student for the past four quarters.  The hallmark of this year studying has been the support of Carmela, the Veterans Resource Center and the college personnel.”
~ Holly, Student

“I am a proud United States Army veteran and now attend Foothill College in the heart of Silicon Valley. Leaving the Army, disabled due to combat-related injury and multiple surgeries, was one of the toughest decisions I has to make. However, I am very happy that I made the choice I did.  I am confident that I will never give up on pursuing my education and I know my family will support me without hesitation.  Although we are financially struggling due to the relocation and unemployment after the discharge from the Army, thinks will get better with the grants and scholarships I am applying for now. With this scholarship, I know I would not have to give up on my dream of pursuing further education and serve my country again.  I would be forever grateful for the opportunity for financial help.
~ Randall, General Studies

“I am a six-year veteran, serving in Japan, Persian Gulf and three years in San Diego.  The Military has instilled honor, courage and commitment in me.  I have been offered an opportunity to re-enlist in the Navy for another four years with a $15K bonus, but I decided to get out in order to take care of my sister and my Mother.  My sister had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and now she is in remission.  My Mother has Leiomyosarcoma and she is still in recovery.  I go to school and take care of my family.  My family is the strongest drive to my finishing the AA degree.”
~ Charles, Respiratory Therapy Student

“The Veterans Resource Center has been a valuable source of help and information since my husband and I left the Marine Corps and moved to the Bay Area. The Los Altos Rotary Club has been very kind to us in providing funds to buy and lend out Smart Pens for Veterans. Those Smart Pens are fantastic, and the best part about them is that you can follow along with your notes as the recording is playing. It gives you a chance to catch something that you might have otherwise missed. Carmela also offered me a job in the office to help my husband and I make ends meet while my husband is looking for more permanent work.”
~ Beth, The Veterans Resource Center

“I am a five-year veteran in the Marine Corps infantry serving fourteen months overseas in Iraq. After being medically discharged from the Marines I decided to attend college in order to pursue a career as a government agent or a police officer.  With this in mind I selected to attend Foothill College. From the very start the Veterans Resource Center, especially Carmela, was extremely helpful. They helped me pick the right classes and assisted me to reach my personal goals. I have met many veterans and other individuals who opened many doors for me. One of the doors opened to me was because of the Los Altos Rotary Club.  I met Jack Kelly while sitting at the vet center.  After talking to him about my goals and career choice, Jack accompanied me on a ride to a local police department. With the help of Jack and Carmela I was invited to interview at the police department and I eventually was hired. If not for Jack and Carmela and her assistant’s help, I would be completely lost.  The vent center not only helps veterans but gives us many opportunities as well as create a friendly environment where veterans can relax and basically fit in.”
~ Jimmy, Police Department



Helping Veterans Through Education